Watch: Kickstarting Canada Conference

Watch: Kickstarting Canada Conference


Are Canadian snowbirds profiting from Uyghur slave camps?

Article by Centre Ice Canadians Co-Founder, Rick Peterson

The China Nexus Book Cover.jpg

The China Nexus

A conversation with author Benedict Rogers


Gen-Z to the rescue

Article by Centre Ice Canadians Co-Founder, Rick Peterson

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Healthcare needs ideas, not intransigence

Article by Dominic Cardy


"Kickstarting Canada" Conference

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Centre Ice Canadians

Centre ice is the most important part of the rink. Starting from your own defensive zone, up through neutral ice and across the blue line into the offensive zone in front of the net, where most goals are scored, owning centre ice is key.

Every Canadian knows that a winning hockey team needs strength up the middle.

Centre Ice Canadians is a national, not-for-profit platform made up of centre-minded individuals from across the country. Together, we have the power to stand up for regular hardworking Canadians.


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