Petition: Repeal Bill 96

About Bill 96

Quebec's Bill 96 threatens the viability of small businesses and jobs in Quebec by policing language used in workplaces with as few as 25 employees. It's a government overreach that punishes entrepreneurs, job creators, and everyday Canadians.


Moreover, Bill 96 restricts English Language education for Anglophones and new immigrants, and expands language policing from Quebec's French Language Office. These new rules allow government agents to search and seize documents from private offices — including cell phone data and private emails. 


This harassment of business doesn't help to expand or protect the French Language. Instead, it creates unnecessary divisions between Canadians while driving business out of our country. It's a lose-lose for all of us.


At Centre Ice Conservatives, we believe in advocating for common-sense policy and the rights of everyday Canadians. Bill 96 represents populism at its worst — fearful, grievance-based identity politics that lead to bad policy. Quebecers, and all Canadians, deserve better.


If you agree with us, please sign our "Repeal Bill 96" petition below.


Together, let's show Quebecers and Canadians that we support their right to earn their livelihood, educate their children, and run their businesses free of unnecessary government intrusion.