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Countdown to September 20th

August 30th, 2023

By Rick Peterson

The next 21 days will be extremely busy ones for us at Centre Ice Canadians - and we need your help to make them a success.

On Wednesday, September 20th, we’ll be announcing the final decision on whether we believe there’s enough support to start a new federal party that promotes the centrist values that we all share.

At this point, it’s looking very likely that’s the route that we’ll be taking.

The quantity and quality of support we’ve received on the excellent work Dominic Cardy has done on the Policy Framework and Party Constitution have played a huge role in this. Your offers to help get Involved have given us a pool of several hundred people from across Canada ready to tackle a wide variety of tasks. Our constant flow of new email sign-ups tells us that you’re spreading the word and talking to friends about us. Thank you so much.

There remains one last, very important task that we need to fulfil - and that’s to finish off what’s been a strong fundraising effort over the summer.

We have $14,275 remaining to pay (out of the $30K total cost) for the national survey we commissioned last spring, which gave us the evidence we required to move in this direction.

We want to pay this off BEFORE September 20th so that any of the Centre Ice team who would like to move in the direction of a new party can do so.

Here’s another reason to clear this up ASAP: the company that processes our online donations is more than doubling the fees they charge us to process your donation on September 15th.

Will you help us with a donation of $10, $100, $1,000 or any other amount today? Please click here to Donate today!

Next week we’ll be sending you a final email asking for your thoughts and decision - Yes or No - on whether we move ahead.

Help us make this an easy decision by supporting us today - and finishing off work that began 18 months ago. Please click here to Donate today!

Thanks for your continued interest and support.

Rick Peterson

Co-founder & Director

Centre Ice Canadians


Rick Peterson is founder and chair of Peterson Capital of Edmonton, a capital markets advisory firm with offices across Canada and in Europe. He’s co-founder and director of Centre Ice Canadians.

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