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Hugh Segal

August 11th, 2023

By Rick Peterson

By now I’m sure that you’ve probably heard the news of the passing of Hugh Segal, former senator and chief of staff to Prime Minister Mulroney.

I had the enormous privilege of getting to know Senator Segal and working alongside him over the years. All the accolades you can read about him are true.

But here’s something that you’ll not likely see anywhere else than here: Hugh Segal was an early, ardent and strong supporter of Centre Ice Canadians.

Shortly after our first policy conference, which took place in Edmonton one year ago today, Senator Segal reached out to me. In a telephone conversation that I can still hear today, he offered insight into the key challenges he saw our movement potentially encounter, but more importantly, he was truly excited about our potential, what we stood for, and what we could possibly accomplish. The cackle and laughter in his voice still rings in my ears, as does the passion and urgency that he felt about the need to help carve a new path in the centre of the Canadian political spectrum.

“We need this Centre Ice thing you’re doing to succeed,” he said, in signing off and pledging a donation. “And we need it to succeed in a big way. Let me know what I can do to help.”

His call and his support were unexpected and so deeply gratifying. Our team of early founders and supporters could not have asked for a more ringing endorsement. It meant a lot to us then and means even more to us today.

Here’s what we posted online Wednesday night about Senator Segal:

“Today we’ve lost a friend, a mentor, a supporter and a kind advisor who was a beacon of principle as well as a man who brought dignity, thoughtfulness, humour and passion to the Canadian political arena. Rest In Peace, Hugh Segal.”

If we can bring to the Canadian political scene even just a few of those same qualities that are hallmarks of Senator Segal’s life work, we’ll be happy. And we’re sure he will be, too.

Thanks, as always, for your help and support in this effort.


Rick Peterson is founder and chair of Peterson Capital of Edmonton, a capital markets advisory firm with offices across Canada and in Europe. He’s co-founder and director of Centre Ice Canadians.

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