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Meeting and Talking with Canadians

June 29th, 2023

By Dominic Cardy

I hope you’re enjoying the first days of summer. Here at Centre Ice Canadians, we’ll be spending the summer meeting and talking with Canadians about their feelings on our project: do you think Canada needs a new, moderate, courageous, and evidence-based political party?

We will share the answer to that question on September 20, but until then we have work to do.

We are building our organizational capacity. We’re recruiting volunteers from coast to coast – let us know if you’d like to help organize a meet and greet with the team, either in person or online! Online and in person, from Vancouver to Fredericton, we’re hearing the same message: people want a better federal option.

We are raising money – we need to raise at least $60,000 before the end of the summer – and we can always use your help. If you can believe a new, brave, responsible party is needed, please help us get it off the ground. Click here to make your donation.

We are also grinding away at the paperwork that’s necessary for establishing a new political party. Elections Canada has strict requirements for new parties, and we want to get everything right. We’re not going to ask you to do anything about that, I just wanted you to feel sorry for us.

We’re also talking policy, and we’re talking values.

When Centre Ice Canadians launched our new policy development framework just two weeks ago, I never imagined the enthusiasm and creativity we were unleashing!

We use a strict template to make sure policies are well-thought-out. We know this means a lot of work for anyone who wants to contribute, but we are okay with that. Politics isn’t easy. We need to stop pretending that the world is filled with simple solutions to complicated problems.

I just checked our database, and we have 81 policy proposals from over sixty people. I thought you might be interested in what subject areas folks are writing about, so here’s a quick sample:

We received 12 papers on good governance; 11 on strengthening democracy; 9 on budgets and finance, and 7 on jobs and the economy.

Others wrote about health, First Nations, defence and security, climate change and over a dozen other policy areas. We’ll be reviewing those papers and sharing the best ideas with you in the months to come – if a new party is launched in September, these will be at the heart of our platform. If not, other parties will be encouraged to steal them!

Please let us know what you want from Centre Ice Canadians; as I said above, we need help with volunteers, with fundraising, and with policy. Reach out today, so we can talk about how you can help.

Have a great week,

Dominic Cardy, MLA for Fredericton West-Hanwell, New Brunswick Chair, Centre Ice Advisory Board

P.S. Please share this email with five friends and ask them to sign up for the Centre Ice Canadians email list!


Dominic Cardy is the Member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for the riding of Fredericton West-Hanwell. He’s co-founder and director of Centre Ice Canadians in addition to serving as the Chair of the Centre Ice Advisory Board.

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