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More good news from Centre Ice Canadians

September 13th, 2023

By Phil D'Eon

I was just chatting with co-founder Rick Peterson and I heard some good news for you and me both, as supporters and donors to the Centre Ice Canadians.

I had called Rick to ask about the feedback sent in by many of us on the Draft Policy and Constitution Framework. He assured me that that all our suggestions – and there are many – are now in a large spreadsheet that will be tabled when a new party is formed and details on both of these frameworks are put in front of the membership. But I learned more.

The first bit of good news I learned is that Centre Ice Canadians Advisory Council chair Dominic Cardy’s email that went out last Wednesday asking this question: Does Canada need a new federal political party? has generated a massive response. That’s a very good indication that when the results are released next Wednesday the 20th, they will indicate overwhelming support in favour of taking the next steps in this direction.

That would leave only the debt retirement issue – and on that front there’s a second bit of good news: I’m told that a great many of you stepped up and donated funds in support of this effort. As a result, there remains only $13,500 owing to the national polling firm that Centre Ice commissioned last spring. That’s huge progress since this survey cost $30,000. (The background here is that CIC will be wound down as a new party is formed, and its debts must be retired for that to happen.)

Bottom line, we are VERY close to having a new party that will represent the rational political centre.

Cleaning up the outstanding amount due on the survey is one of the last remaining hurdles.

So, here’s what I’m going to do: I will match the next $1,000 of donations that come in the door. And Rick tells me that another anonymous donor has offered to match the next $500 that comes in after that!

Will you join us? Together we can help clean off this $13,500 remaining owed to the polling firm and be ready for whatever comes up after September 20th.

I encourage everyone to step forward with whatever amount you can, large or small – it adds up very quickly and not only sends a message of thanks to the CIC founders but clears the path to a new political option that we will appreciate for decades.

Your donation of $10, $100 or $1,000 is a huge help. Let’s get this done and move on today!

Click Here to Donate.

Thank you so much,

Phil D’Eon


Phil D’Eon spent several years in the 1970s travelling Canada’s Arctic between Greenland and Alaska in bush planes, followed by a forty-year career in Toronto as a serial entrepreneur creating innovative software solutions for civil and military aviation that are used globally today.

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