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The Canada Pension Plan meets with Centre Ice Canadians!

We have some great news to share with you!

Three weeks ago, Centre Ice Canadians started a petition calling on the Canada Pension Plan to respond to a report that it held passive investments in companies profiting from slave labour in Uyghur internment camps in China.

The CPP learned of our petition, reached out to us, and asked for a meeting.

Michel Leduc, Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Public Affairs and Communications for CPP Investments, met with our Centre Ice Canadians co-founder and director, Rick Peterson. The two of them sat down for a 90-minute conversation last Tuesday at the Fairmont Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton.

Rick Peterson and Michel Leduc

During that meeting, Rick expressed our concerns over reports that Canadians' retirement funds may be invested in these companies.

He emphasized to Mr. Leduc that the CPP has a fiduciary duty and responsibility to ensure that companies profiting from slave labour in Uyghur internment camps in China be excluded from any securities the CPP holds, including passive, third-party investments.

Here’s a note that Rick sent to us following his meeting:

"I really get the sense that Michel took our concerns very seriously and appreciated that we’re coming at this from a non-partisan point of view. He had clearly done his homework on our Centre Ice Canadians platform and expressed his thanks to us in bringing up our concerns directly to the senior leadership team at CPP. He promised to follow up and report back to us soon, agreeing that this issue is one that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.”

This is an encouraging step and a huge first win for Centre Ice Canadians. And none of this would have happened without your support. Thank you so very, very much!

But we’re not done. We need to let the CPP know that we want an answer to the claims in the report, and we need to know what are the CPP’s next steps if indeed, these claims are true.

And to make that happen, we need to continue to lean into this effort. Please sign our petition if you haven’t done so already. Please send it to others who may also want to support us. We will update you as soon as we have more news.

And if you’re able to make a donation so we can continue to make huge progress like we have already on this issue, please do so here: Donate | Centre Ice Canadians.

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas from both of us and the whole Centre Ice Canadians team and supporters from coast-to-coast.

Dominic Cardy & Tasha Kheiriddin, Co-Chairs, Advisory Council

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