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The Power of the Centre

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to Centre Ice Conservatives.

We are a platform that intends to be a strong, bold and proud voice for the centre-right of Canada’s political spectrum.

Why are we doing this? Because we don’t want the centre to be marginalized and ignored any longer. And because our voice – your voice – firmly focused on the priorities of mainstream Canadians, is badly needed today. More than ever.

Why is that?

Because “woke” voices on the edges of the left and “populist” voices on the fringes of the right are sucking up all the oxygen in what passes for political debate in Canada. And Canada is worse off for it. These loud and fringe voices dominate Party politics, creating tribal divisions and fierce debates over issues mainly long-settled in the minds of most Canadians.

That leaves most of us in the middle scratching our heads, wondering “Who speaks for us?”.

Who speaks for the majority of mainstream Canadians who describe themselves as fiscal conservatives with progressive views on social issues? Who speaks for those of us focused on pragmatic solutions and policies? Who speaks for those of us who dismay at the loud, single-issue and predictably slanted views that often dominate Party politics and leadership races?

Our mission is to become a voice for these mainstream views. It’s important we’re heard, because the true source of political power in Canada comes from centrist, pragmatic, mainstream Canadians.

We are the “swing voters” in swing ridings that can swing elections. Most of us in the centre have a tendency to lean in one direction – Liberals on the left; Conservative on the right – but our core values, priorities and concerns are clearly overlapping.

Here’s a perfect example – this article in the Globe and Mail that Daniel Veniez, a federal Liberal, co-authored with me, a federal Conservative, showing our common ground.

There is power in the centre. Every Canadian knows that, especially when it comes to hockey. A winning team needs strength up the middle, at centre ice.

Our goal at Centre Ice Conservatives is to highlight people, policies and priorities that rise above the noise and heat of the fringes and focus key issues that Canada’s leaders should address. Front and centre.

We hope you’ll follow us. We hope you’ll spread the word. And we hope you’ll lend your mainstream pragmatic and common-sense voice to ours.

Please sign up here for our weekly email updates. And please contact us here with any thoughts, feedback or ideas you have.

Thank you.

Rick Peterson - Founder & Director

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