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Words from Marjory LeBreton

I was very encouraged to learn that a group of concerned Canadians who fear for the future of our country and Party decided to do something about it and formed “Centre Ice Conservatives”. 


When I spoke to the founder, Rick Peterson, I expressed my very real concerns that the

Conservative Party, as I have known it for my entire life, is in jeopardy. We live in challenging times both domestically and internationally, and there is a crying need for strong, principled leadership which recognizes the promise, the uniqueness, and the diversity of our wonderful country. 

To that point, the establishment of “Centre Ice Conservatives” is particularly timely given that the Conservative Party of Canada is now engrossed in its third Leadership Vote in six years. This, in and of itself, is very concerning considering the fact that in the five decades between the mid-1950s and early-2000s, the former Progressive Conservative Party held just seven leadership votes and the Reform Party/Canadian Alliance, three. Clearly, this cannot continue if we are serious about asking Canadians for their support in future elections. 

The Leadership Election Organization Committee has now set the dates for the entry of

candidates, the membership deadline, and the vote. I applaud the Committee for allowing

sufficient time for potential leaders to enter the race, organize their campaigns, and participate in a series of events and debates. This exposure is urgently needed in order for Conservatives and our fellow Canadians to get to know our Leadership Candidates and hear them out, so to speak. Between now and September 10th, if we conduct ourselves in a serious and respectful manner, and focus the discussion and debates on issues and solutions people actually care about, we will then be in a position to choose a Leader who will unify the Party and indeed the Country. It really is about us. 


Collectively we must demonstrate who we are, what we stand for, and how we would govern the country -- the whole country. When all is said and done, we will all be winners if we engage in an open, respectful, and fair leadership process.  However, as mentioned, this is serious business requiring serious thought and respectful behaviour. Personally speaking, I am tired of the excessive rhetoric, the vitriol, the anger, and the divisive tactics that seem to have taken hold in recent years. I am an enthusiastic partisan, of that there is no doubt, but I don’t dislike people in my Party who disagree with me and I don’t hate Liberals; I just vehemently disagree with some of their policies.

“Centre Ice Conservatives” will undoubtedly contribute to the debate, advocating for strong fiscal, economic, and social policies, which I believe aligns with the thinking of the majority of Canadians. There’s never been a better or more important time for such an initiative.

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